Hosted Telephone Systems:

What is Cheshire Telecoms Cloud-based Telephone system?

Cheshire Telecom’s Hosted Telephony is a cloud-based telephone system that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to route your calls over the internet instead of via a telephone line, enabling you to have everything a traditional phone system provides, but with one difference: it’s hosted in the cloud.

A Scalable System:

Suitable for businesses of all sizes with single or multiple sites, Cheshire Telecom can scale the size of the telephone system, from the small single office through to multisite networks, or indeed large corporate headquarters; providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free communications.

For those businesses with multiple sites, Cheshire Telecom provides access to ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality, which is securely linked by virtual private networks (VPNs). Cheshire Telecom’s Hosted telephone system call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, assuring the quality of your voice service.

Best of all there’s no more long-term contracts, we provide telephone systems to all business sizes on a 30 Day Contract, allowing you to increase or decrease, so you only pay for what you use

Most popular features

Cost Saving Solution

Up to 50% lower costs compared to conventional telephone systems.
No expensive on-site equipment is required, meaning no costly maintenance, servicing or upgrades.
No minimum contract term; month-to-month 30 day contract!

Feature Rich!

Over 150 Features, that can be added or removed to suit your business.
Integrate your phone system into a range of CRM, accounting or mailing software.
Integrate your business phone line with your mobile or tablet device, ensuring you never miss a business call.


To keep your business running smoothly in the event of a disaster, your business has the choice for Cheshire telecom to support your system or your business can simply log in remotely to manage and divert calls from the office to employees’ mobiles or landlines, so your business can continue to be always-on.


Even if your business is moving office, you simply plug in and your phone system works!
Allocate single virtual numbers to flexible workers and remote employees; so they appear as if they are sitting in the office.

See how it works for your business

A sales advisor will contact you for a personalised, informative demo on the key features and benefits of a cloud phone system