30 Day rolling contract, Conferencing, Smart Phone App, Softphone and CRM Intergration - In one phone system

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Modern businesses today relay on some level of IT systems.
Cheshire Telecom can take the headache out of supporting your IT environment, with a number of tailored packages to suit your needs.

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Whether you're a small or medium enterprise, or whatever your internet usage is. We have the right internet connectivity package for you.

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What to expect from Cheshire Telecom in 4 simple steps

At Cheshire Telecom we like to do things a bit differently, by offering all our clients 30 Day contracts on VoIP Telephony, Internet, mobile & IT. The idea behind Cheshire Telecom, is the give you, the client, complete control over your telecom infrastructure, by not being tied down to a long term contract and only paying for what you actually use. All the equipment that you purchase from Cheshire Telecom can be re-programmed to another service provider if you're not happy with our service, but our reviews will put your mind to rest.

Step 1 – Let’s Talk

You're looking for a new provider for VoIP Telephony, Internet, mobile or IT. Cheshire Telecom will arrange an appointment to visit your business, to understand how you operate and what you want moving forward, once we have an understanding of your business, we will then be able to provide you with a proposal.

Step 2 – Helping you to understand

Cheshire Telecom will arrange a second appointment with you, to discuss the proposal we have created based on your requirements and what we think will make your business more efficient and productive.

Step 3 – The boring part

If your happy with what Cheshire Telecom has offered and you want to proceed, we will send you a contract to sign and the process to move from one provider to another provider will begin.

Step 4 – Seamless Integration

Upon terminating your existing contract, we will work towards the termination date, for porting numbers and setting up any equipment, so at the end of your termination date, the migration is seamless and your part of Cheshire Telecom.

It’s that simple

Our Reviews reflect how seamless the process is and we make sure the process of upgrading/switching providers does not disrupt your working today.

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